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Please keep in mind that this is the only translated page at the moment – so every link will point to a german writen site 🙂 Sorry. 

Born in Münster in 1966, I have actually spent my whole life in this beautiful city and have never regretted it.
This is where I did my apprenticeship as an electrician, where I trained as an office equipment technician and discovered IT for myself. But that was a long time ago. I’ve worked in so many different areas of IT that I can no longer remember everything. I have been working for an IT security software manufacturer as a pre-sales solution engineer for almost 8 years now. In addition, during this time I have also taken the exam to become a data protection officer and have been a works council member for more than 4 years.


A long and eventful career – and it’s not over yet.

Otherwise, the links below to LinkedIn and Xing will also help.

Outside of work, I try to enjoy my life as much as possible, even if my doctor doesn’t like it 🙂 This includes good food, good beer, wine, good friends and much more. I also have more hobbies than I can spend time on. I want to share some of the good things in life here.

This includes, for example, my membership at the Siedlergemeinschaft Gievenbeck eV. 1933.

Königspaar 2023/24 More Information is hier

We treated ourselves to a special show act for our royal ball. Even if everyone enjoyed it only half as much as I did, it was a complete success.

I do all sorts of things in my private life. This includes leatherworking, laser technology, 3D printing, cutting plotters and everything you can do with them – and more on the craft side.

I’m also interested in things like Carrera tracks, slot racing and archery. I also like visiting medieval markets, but I’m definitely on the fantasy side.

As I’ve already said, „There’s far too little time for all the nice things“ and I still have a long way to go before I retire 🙂

IMG-20230910-WA0008One point that makes me very happy and is important in a person’s life – you can still make new friends even at an advanced age – although you often find that they are still very young. And sometimes you even meet people you haven’t seen for decades 🙂




This colleague takes excellent pictures. And you can book him 🙂 Just as a hint. There are also a few examples of his work here.



I also enjoy spending time with my daughter – we are quite similar 🙂 as you can see.

Regardless of this, I am a family man and none of this would have been possible without the support of my wife. 






For my passion for data protection – I have created some videos for work.
For those who are interested, here is the link: Data Protection.



A short description of a long career with more than 34 years in IT. When you look at these things you are surprised at what you have done.


Mr. Oliver Stuck, born on 03.09.1966 in Münster, worked in our company at the Münster location from 01.10.1990 to 30.11.2000.
Mr. Stuck was initially employed by our legal predecessor GAO Computerhaus GmbH as a system technician in the workshop. In this function he was entrusted with the following tasks:

  1. Repair, installation and configuration of hardware (internally and on site at the customer’s premises)
  2. Programming the F&A database
  3. Carrying out evaluations of the F&A database
  4. Accepting repairs and recording them in the system
  5. Maintaining the data in the application system

In 1995, Mr. Stuck moved to the Software Support department, which was transformed into the current company, the IT Services department, as part of the restructuring of the company in 1999. He retained his area of responsibility and expanded it to include the following activities:

  1. Configuration of software
  2. Setting up and managing networks
  3. Support of GAO’s internal infrastructure and in-house service
  4. Assistance in planning and setting up the GAO Internet connection and the associated software products
  5. Installation support including firewall, mail server, web server, etc.
  6. Project planning, consulting and installation of firewall systems for customers
  7. Project planning, consulting and installation of Novell and NT networks for customers
  8. Deputy of the group leader

Mr. Stuck has good specialist knowledge. This includes in-depth specialist knowledge in the application of the operating systems relevant to his tasks. In addition, he took advantage of the training opportunities offered to him, some of which he initiated himself, to further develop and expand his professional skills.

Mr. Oliver Stuck, born on September 3, 1966 in Münster, has been with our group of companies since October 1, 1990.
GAD is a service data center and IT service provider with approx. 1,700 employees for around 450 Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken as well as for the central banks in the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial group.

At the beginning of his employment, Mr. Stuck was initially employed as a system technician at GAO Computerhaus GmbH and, following a merger in September 1999, within our subsidiary Ratiodata GmbH.

With effect from December 1, 2000, Mr. Stuck moved to GAD and continued to work in the Communication and Networks department in the Production division as a Novell LAN employee. Due to internal restructuring measures in October 2002, Mr. Stuck was assigned to the System Management/Installation and Delivery Procedures organizational unit within the Production division and since then has focused on the following tasks:

  • Project management for the introduction and support of new products in system management
  • Introduction of IT security products for self-service devices
  • Introduction of a data center management system at GAD Introduction of a provisioning procedure for system provisioning in the data center
  • Responsibility and holistic coordination in the area of “central IT security solution”. This includes
    • the architecture of the solutions
    • Design, development and technical implementation of the infrastructure and procedures
      budget planning
    • Operation and production of the solutions
    • Product management for the IT security products
      Asset management for IT security products
    • Development and provision of business services in the IT security area and in system management areas

In addition, Mr. Stuck is responsible for the following security products in particular:

  • Virus protection
  • Personal firewalls
  • Intrusion prevention systems
  • Encryption systems
  • Virus protection for central data devices
  • Gateway technologies
  • Network Management
  • Compliance & Remediation
  • Security Reporting

Mr. Stuck works quickly and with great initiative in his area of responsibility. Due to his above-average resilience and ability to grasp things quickly, he is always able to produce very good and practicable results, even under pressure. With a goal-oriented and extremely independent way of working, a systematic approach and good time management, he also solves difficult and complex tasks convincingly at all times and proves his qualification for project management. His work is always of a high quality, even when requirements change. Mr. Stuck updates his very extensive specialist know-how in a targeted and continuous manner through internal and external further training measures and always knows how to successfully implement the knowledge he has acquired. Mr. Stuck carries out the tasks assigned to him with the utmost commitment, conscientiousness and care, always to our complete satisfaction.

Mr. Stuck looks after our customers in a very service-oriented, flexible, prudent manner and with a high standard of customer satisfaction. Due to his competent advice, he is always in great demand and recognized as a contact person. Mr. Stuck is also highly valued by his superiors and colleagues for his cooperative, friendly manner and strong team orientation. His behavior is always impeccable, loyal and exemplary.

In the course of organizational changes within our company, Mr Stuck is moving to the IT Platforms division in the IT Security and Emergency Management/Security Management and Systems organizational unit with effect from 15 September 2013. This interim report is being issued due to the associated change of supervisor. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Stuck for his achievements to date and look forward to a continued pleasant and good working relationship.

Münster, 14. September 2013 

IWe have experienced a lot during this time. And in some places we have also brought some great things to life.


Finance Round Tabel – Frank Gross, Konstantin Berger and myself developed the idea and the event is now being held for the 18th time. The first one took place in 2010.




We have also performed for GAD at other events.



Sometimes we also had to provide colleagues with the necessary parts to prepare for further emergencies.






Our first trip to the USA was a special memory. All my colleagues were so… Bow, you can go to America. I want to go there too, etc.

Honestly – 1 week USA – for work – means –
FMO – FRA – first overnight stay.
FRA – San Fransisco 12 hour flight
Monday to Santa Clara All day in the office, hotel within walking distance – but I can’t walk. There’s a highway in between – so cab.
Next day also completely in the office.
I’m no longer sure – whether it was Tuesday or Wednesday – in any case we went back to San Francisco then took the plane to Portland – the next location was in Beaverten where we spent days in the dark, cool meeting room.

20130920_19031420130920_190441Then to Seatle –
It felt more like riding a bus here – bench in the last row
and Sunday 12 hours in the bomber back to Frankfurt FRA and then back to Münster FMO.

We had 1 day in San Francisco and one in Seattle to relax and look around.

But on the first day in SF, despite our heads being packed in absorbent cotton, we still managed to take a few impressions with us.






Our last day in Seatle.



My first and last US hotdog (so far)- from a Japanese 🙂





Nevertheless … Every free minute is spent working – only late at night do you really have time off. And even then you have to answer emails from Germany.





And sometimes it ends like this…









Mr. Oliver Stuck, born on 3 September 1966 in Münster, joined GAD eG, a legal predecessor of Fiducia & GAD IT AG, in Münster on 1 October 1990. On July 1, 2015, Fiducia IT AG and GAD eG merged to form Fiducia & GAD IT AG.

Fiducia & GAD IT AG is one of Germany’s largest service providers for information technology with around 5,000 employees and a cumulative annual turnover in the Group of around 1.2 billion euros. The main customers of the company, which is headquartered in Karlsruhe and Münster, include all 1,100 German Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken.

Mr Stuck joined the IT Platforms division in the IT Security and Emergency Management / Security Management and Systems organizational unit on 15 September 2013. Since the merger on 1 July 2015 and the associated organizational changes within the company, he has worked in the IT Platforms division in the Cloud Platform / Cloud Basis Platform organizational unit. His work focused on the following tasks:

  • Responsibility for a holistic security solution and architecture with a focus on endpoint security (in the area of security management)
  • Design, development and operation of endpoint security architectures with a focus on Intel Security and McAfee products
  • Last-level support and error analysis in the area of based endpoint security solutions
  • Further development of functions as well as coordination and implementation of the necessary updates across the various technical customer environments and the necessary test stages
  • Team coordination and business planning of environments and architectures

Mr. Stuck has very extensive and considerable professional experience. He has always mastered his field of work comprehensively, confidently and completely.

Mr. Stuck identified absolutely with his tasks and our products and always showed an excellent willingness to perform and enthusiasm even beyond the usual working hours. He set himself high professional standards, which he always met in full. His way of working was always characterized to the highest degree by reliability, a systematic approach, responsibility and cost awareness. The quality of his work results was far above the requirements, even in the case of difficult work, objective problem clusters and deadline pressure. Mr. Stuck’s workload and work efficiency were also always good. He always fulfilled his tasks to our complete satisfaction. He was a valuable employee for us.


Day´s were long. And the friends are still with me.

We were jung at that time 🙂












Mr. Stuck was most recently a Software Sales Engineer for security products and solutions and was responsible for the following tasks:

  • Pre Sales
  • customer support
  • Customer consulting
  • Customer support

Mr. Stuck has extensive specialist knowledge. He had a good grasp of the situation and was able to solve problems quickly and accurately.

He identified with his tasks and worked with a great deal of commitment and initiative. He achieved very good work results even under very high workloads. Even in acute problem situations, he was always characterized by a responsible and always accurate judgment, always keeping an overview.

Mr. Stuck’s work management was always characterized by the highest degree of reliability and dependability. He mastered his area of responsibility with confidence, had new ideas and found good solutions. His personal conduct was exemplary at all times. In his dealings with managers, colleagues and business partners, he always knew how to create a trusting and open atmosphere. This interim reference is being issued due to the transfer of operations from Intel Deutschland GmbH to McAfee GmbH.

We would like to thank Mr. Stuck for his consistently valuable work and wish him continued success and all the best for the future.

Intel Deutschland GmbH 




Mr. Oliver Stuck, born on 3 September 1966, has been employed by our company since 1 May 2016.

His employment relationship was transferred from Intel Deutschland GmbH to McAfee Germany GmbH on April 3, 2017.



Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with offices worldwide, McAfee is a leading provider of network security and availability solutions. McAfee develops state-of-the-art computer security solutions that prevent unauthorized access to networks and protect computer systems from the next generation of hidden attacks and threats.

Mr. Stuck is a Software Sales Engineer with the following responsibilities:

  • Technical account management with key accounts
  • Management and implementation of proof of concepts for large companies
  • Presenting and demonstrating the McAfee strategy, core technologies and various security solutions to customers on site and at events Preparing and conducting presentations, training courses and online seminars
  • Actively support account managers in customer meetings and presentations

Mr. Stuck has comprehensive and versatile specialist knowledge, even in peripheral areas. He immediately recognizes and takes into account interdisciplinary connections. In addition, Mr. Stuck sets priorities quickly and correctly and finds good solutions. He also identifies with his tasks and works with a great deal of commitment and initiative. Mr. Stuck achieves very good work results even under very high workloads.

Even in acute problem situations, he is always characterized by a responsible and always accurate judgment, always keeping an overview. Mr. Stuck’s work performance is always characterized by the highest level of reliability and dependability. He has a firm command of his area of responsibility, often has new ideas and finds optimal solutions.


And so far the last – and perhaps the last until retirement – but who knows what will happen tomorrow…

Mr. Oliver Stuck, born on 3 September 1966, has been with our company since 1 May 2016.
company since May 1, 2016.
On April 3, 2017, the employment relationship was transferred from Intel Deutschland GmbH to McAfee
Germany GmbH was transferred. Since February 2022, McAfee Germany GmbH has been part of the Musarubra Group, which continues to operate the McAfee Enterprise products as Trellix and Skyhigh Security. Our company, headquartered in the U.S. with offices worldwide, is redefining the future of cybersecurity. With Trellix’s open solution for “Extended Detection and
Response” (XDR) solution, we help organizations gain protection and resilience against the latest and most advanced cybercriminal threats and attacks. With Skyhigh Security’s market-leading and cloud-native Security Service Edge (SSE) security solutions, which are both data-centric and user-friendly, we protect
organizations and allow them to work together from any device, anywhere, without compromising their security.

Mr. Oliver Stuck is a Senior Solutions Engineer with the following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining and developing customer relationships together with the Sales Account Manager in the major/enterprise market segment.
  • Primary technical contact (“Trusted Advisor”) for selected key accounts.
  • Conduct technical product and architecture presentations, workshops, demonstrations and proof-of-concepts at customer sites, trade shows, events or remotely.
  • Responding to and creating RFI/RFP (requests for proposals)
  • Providing technical training as well as technical support for partners, customers and sales colleagues.
  • Preparing and conducting presentations, training courses and online seminars.
  • Continuous exchange with product management to improve current products and to actively participate in the planning of new solutions.

Mr. Oliver Stuck has comprehensive and profound specialist knowledge, including in peripheral areas, and always applies this effectively and successfully in practice. He has a very good grasp of things and was able to solve any problems that arose quickly and reliably.
Particularly noteworthy is his ability to judge, which enables him to make an independent, balanced and always accurate judgment even in the most difficult situations. Furthermore, he fully identifies with his tasks and works with a great deal of commitment and initiative.
Even under very high pressure, Mr. Stuck maintains an overview at all times, acts with deliberation
and always copes with all tasks in a very good manner.
Mr. Stuck is always characterized by a sense of responsibility, accuracy, diligence, efficiency and prudence in the completion of all tasks. You can absolutely rely on him even in the most difficult situations.
Mr. Stuck always performs the tasks assigned to him to our complete satisfaction.
His relationship with superiors, colleagues and customers is always impeccable.
This reference is being issued at Mr. Oliver Stuck’s own request. We would like to thank him
for his excellent work to date and look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship.
Musarubra Germany GmbH


And it is precisely here under McAfee and Musarubra that my tasks have also changed significantly through my work as Chairman of the Works Council at the Munich site and as Chairman of the General Works Council.

These tasks are taking up more and more of my time.

But these challenges must also be mastered in the interests of my colleagues. And i am taking this very seriously.